Switzerland famous for its financial centres, world famous centres of hotel and tourism education, political and social stability, also prides itself on a long–standing tradition in education. Reflecting the multicultural characteristics of the Helvetica Confederation; the Swiss system offers an open and dynamic international learning environment. The country's four language regions (German, French, Italian, and Romansch) spread over 26 cantons and semi-cantons form a unique intersection of different cultures, religions, and traditions, leading to a great wealth and diversity of the applied learning opportunities.

An undisputed hub of world diplomacy, Switzerland hosts many international organizations. Swiss history has attracted the United Nations, World Trade Organization, International Red Cross, and many other political, humanitarian, and commercial organizations. The country's unique humanitarian and political climate results in a truly international character that facilitates personal safety, networked business opportunities, and an excellent quality of life. The educational environment in Switzerland reflects the world's participation in Swiss culture. These strong factors have made and continue to distinguish Switzerland as a valuable, dynamic, and prominent contributor to global education.