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We extend our heartfelt greetings to the students and young professionals of Bangladesh. We wish you a great success in your chosen careers, particularly in Business Finance and Hospitality Management. In searching for an international education that will help you to achieve a bright future ahead, we encourage you to choose a country that has got great significance to the world economy: Switzerland. We encourage you further to choose an institution that combines cross-cultural cooperation and understanding, network-building, and outstanding academic achievement. This is what our partner offers you. Their goal is to help you to become managers and entrepreneurs for companies that cross oceans as well as geographical and cultural boundaries. Switzerland is the birth place of Wealth Management, Hospitality Successor and many other modern business vehicles. Switzerland provides specialized education with International exposure to students coming across the world and makes sure the power of every competent student come out with its full glory. It has more than 100 year’s heritage of providing international education to students from around the globe.

Furthermore, Swiss Study Centre recognizes the role of education and the importance of social responsibility that each individual should possess in the digital age and division of wealth. Scholarship fund from our partner institution is available to contribute for those of you are in needed of financial assistance and support, as we are convinced that our little contribution will have a significant impact towards your planning for higher education in Switzerland.

We offer you an opportunity to become one of the successful business leaders of the future, and thus be part of the forces of change which will drive your country forward to the next century. We would like to invite you to take a tour on our portals to get to know more about Swiss Education. We look forward to welcoming you in Switzerland.

Remember, International Education is your passport to become global citizen in today’s world.