Studying in Switzerland

Have you thought about studying in Switzerlandfor your Higher education? If you have already then you are one of the growing numbers of international students who are considering this unique and dynamic country as the destination for their higher education.

One factor that many international students intent on well-known universities located in Australia, the UK and the USA often neglect is the high concentration of excellent quality institutions of higher education located in Switzerland.

Judging by the recent results of the Times Higher - QS World University Rankings, Switzerland is one of the highest performing countries by the size of the population of any other country in the world today.

Studying in Switzerland means

  • ■ High-quality education
  • ■ World-leading research environment
  • ■ A diverse and multicultural country in the heart of Europe
  • ■ Wide spectrum of study programs
  • ■ Most of the academic programs taught in English
  • ■ Low student/faculty ratio and small working groups
  • ■ Excellent facilities and infrastructure

All these advantages make Switzerland the perfect place for a high-quality education that will be a strong cornerstone for many prospective students worldwide. One of the most valuable aspects of an international education is certainly the opportunity it presents of guiding young people to the realization that strength of character is not expressed through violence, that the love of one's country should not engender the hatred of others, and that the natural attachment to one's language and culture should arouse curiosity about the other languages and cultures.