Why Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most innovative and competitive countries in the world. For several years now it has been topped the rankings of both the Global Innovation Index and the Global Competitiveness Index. Switzerland is also world-wide known for Swiss Finance, Banking and Hospitality industry. Hundreds of years ago European travellers would cross Switzerland on the way to visit the ruins of the ancient Greek and Italian civilisations. Soon, due to Swiss hospitality and the quality of the hotels that sprung up to accommodate these travellers, Switzerland became a destination point in itself. People came because of the clean surroundings, pure air and wonderful hospitality.

In 1897, the first hotel school in the world opened in Lausanne and started a long tradition of high quality education in the field of Hospitality, Hotel and Tourism Management studies within Switzerland, for which the country is now internationally renowned.

The Educational system in Switzerland is globally ranked 3rdin the latest 2009-2010 report by the World Economic Forum and ranked 2nd when it comes to Management Schools. As far as Hospitality Education is concerned, it is ranked, of course, 1st.

Switzerland is a very safe and stable country, both economically and politically. In addition, the country’s beautiful scenery, friendly people and cleanliness makes it a wonderful environment to study and live in.

In 2009, Switzerland became a member of the Schengen agreement meaning a very positive change for international students studying in Switzerland as it enables them to travel throughout most of Europe without the need for a Visa.

Perfect and frequent public transportation connections 7 days a week.

Much more information on Switzerland can be read from the two best Switzerland portals at www.mySwitzerland.com and www.Swissworld.org.